Champa is a Tibetan word, Cham means “tender,” or “gentle” and pa makes it a noun; so Champa is “tenderness” or “loving-kindness”.


Care with a purpose.


Caregiving is a science and an art.


Connecting the right people with the right opportunity.


“I was 10 years old and I was given permission to ride my Huffy 10 speed bike to visit my Great Grandmother,” CHAMPA Founder and CEO, Bryant Veazey recalls. With a handful of candy from the local gas station, he would arrive for his daily visit. Each day was a glimpse into another world. She spoke of the fear she had the first time she saw an automobile or the amazement when she turned on an electrical light. These experiences would become Mr. Veazey’s foundation of respect and desire to support and serve the seniors in our communities.
A passionate Texan, from a long line of Texans, Bryant went into the oil and gas industry and worked around the world as a corporate finance leader completing over $14.3 billion in debt and equity deals, managing capital structures and negotiating terms with capital providers. While developing a community palm oil plantation in northern Africa, Bryant survived a near fatal plane crash giving him the opportunity to evaluate his life’s priorities. In 2012, Bryant received a Master of Divinity and began volunteering as an ordained hospice chaplain. His passion for working with seniors led to senior management roles in home care and home health organizations.
Bryant worked to understand home health and senior care, developing the ideas that would evolve into Champa Caregivers. Today, CHAMPA, is a diverse team, of dedicated individuals working to support caregivers and seniors in our community. The CHAMPA Team believes in the power of the human touch both in our work as Care Advisors supporting caregivers matching them with the right job opportunity and in the support the caregivers give to their clients each day.



Support our communities by serving the needs of seniors and caregivers. We strive to support our communities by enriching the lives of seniors with the right caregivers to allow them to safely age at home, surrounded by friends and family.



We want to empower every senior in the country to age at home, and find caregivers to support them to stay amongst their friends and family.



Support our communities by serving the needs of seniors and caregivers.

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