Homecare: Can Technology Bridge the Caregiving Gap?

Remote Patient Monitoring or RPM is turning into a major help for caregivers to take care of seniors.

The purpose of RPM is to let seniors live where they choose while sharing their vitals with health professionals through connected devices and give some respite to informal caregivers from daily tracking. There are three major factors which are playing a major role in more and more use of remote monitoring technology. They are:

  • Price reduction of smart health tech hardware like smartphones and wearable health metric trackers.
  • With global telecommunications entering fifth-generation (5G) technology, connectivity is omnipresent now.
  • Artificial Intelligence and data analytics are making huge leaps in identifying patterns and insights for an individual as well as for wider population groups.

Contrary to beliefs, senior generation is accepting of new-age technology. New surveys have shown that our grandparents are highly motivated to try tech and new devices. In the United Kingdom alone, one-fourth of people 75 and above are using tables and four out of 10 are active on social media. The survey was done in the UK’s telecommunications regulatory body.

The latest technology and artificial intelligence-based devices like tablets, smartphones, and sensors share real-time, actionable data with health experts remotely so that they can intervene on time and thus, have quality human interaction to avert any disaster. Further, these data can help in deeper studies and share them within health networks to upgrade public health policy and better assign resources.

According to a report by AARP, 90% of the people over 65 want to live in their homes for as long as they can. Due to the use of these latest tech services, it not only allows seniors to live on their own but also lets families, caregivers, and doctors monitor them in a noninvasive manner.

Derek Ross. (2020). Can Technology Bridge the Caregiving Gap? Home Care. https://www.homecaremag.com/march-2020/novel-approaches-aging-place

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