Covid and Home Care Hiring: How to Manage Staffing During Economic Upheaval

This webinar was recorder in May 2020. In this webinar Todd Austin (COO of Home Care Pulse), Clint Smith (Founder & President of CareerPlug), and Natalie Morgan (Director of HR at CareerPlug) present their views on current hiring landscape in-home care industry and why home care agencies should seek boomerang hiring as an effective recruitment strategy.

How Many Agencies Have Applied for Loans?

According to Home Care Pulse’s second Covid-19 Impact Survey data, around 69.9% of agencies applied for loan whereas 8.5% have applied but aren’t funded. 21.0% is an event not looking for loans and only 0.6% applied but denied.

How much change will be there in caregiving job applicants?

The Home Care Pulse survey stated that there will be a 24.1 % increase in the caregiving job applicants, 19.1%, there will be no change, 24.1% significant decrease whereas 28.7% slight decrease.

Total Number of Agencies have had clients or caregivers diagnosed with COVID-19

There are more than 60% of agencies with no clients, caregivers or staff diagnosed. Only 7-8% of agencies have had staff diagnosed.

Have any of Your Caregivers, Staff, or Customers Been Diagnosed with COVID-19?

Here’s what the number shows:

On 30th March, 12% of agencies said YES, while 88% said NO to this

On 30th April, 22% of the organisation said YES, and 78% said NO

On 25th May, 37% of agencies said Yes, and 63% said NO

Safety Protocols for COVID-19

At this time, introducing and applying robust safety protocols must be the top priority of agencies, even before recruiting new candidates. As there are maximum chances that

coronavirus may continue to spread in some areas until a vaccine is formulated. It is important for you to get the proper training to your current staff before asking them to rejoin their job position in the business.

While hiring new caregivers for your health care agency, do not forget to show what you’re doing for the health and safety of your workforce.

In addition, make sure your company have a clear and thorough plan for the following:

  • Screening procedures of clients for COVID-19 and other infections
  • Necessary steps or procedures to control infections
  • Preparation if a client or staff member tests positive for coronavirus
  • Your caregivers are taking temperature measures and checking for symptoms every day
  • Talking to an employee about his/her emotional health

The satisfaction of Caregivers During COVID-19


  • Around 53% of healthcare agencies have noticed their billable hours return.
  • Introducing safety protocols into your organisation paves the way for recruiting. Make sure you have made a proper plan to keep your caregivers and clients safe.
  • Care providers prefer to choose agencies that promise stability, and as the owner of a healthcare business, you should focus on offering that stability to them.

Tod Austin, Clint Smith and Natalie Morgan. (2020, June 5). Boomerang Hiring: How to Manage Staffing During Economic Upheaval. Retrieved from https://www.homecarepulse.com/webinars_events/boomerang-hiring/

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