2020 Home Health Trends

2020 Home Health and Home Care Staff Training Survey and Report

By Home Health Care News and Health Stream

According to the latest 2020 Home Health Care News Home Health Staff Training Survey and Report, in the home-based care industry, more than 650 individuals polled about the staffing challenges.

The major takeaways of this report are:

  • Where Recruitment is the most prominent staff challenge, training provides the best solution.

Around 34% of home-based care providers find the Recruitment is the biggest staff challenge. However, training the staff provides a real solution that their staff will be loyal and remain on board for a long time.

  • Staff Training Technology is out of date.

Today, with the advent of technology, vendors can develop staffing programs for mobile phones. Only a few believe that their staff is ready to use mobile devices for their training purpose. On the other hand, 30% will use a tablet, while 37% focused on receiving the training from their laptop or Personal Computer.

The Most Common Staffing Challenges Organizations face

One of the top staffing challenges for every third of home-based care respondents is recruiting. Another 30% believe that keeping talent is the biggest challenge. While two-thirds of agencies believe that finding or keeping staff is the biggest challenge.

2020 Home Health and Home Care Staff Training Survey and Report. (n.d.). https://homehealthcarenews.com/resources/

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