The Job of Love: Questions Family Caregivers Should Ask

“It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.” — Mother Teresa

Questions Every Family Caregiver Should Ask

Taking on the task of caring for a family member or a senior is not just a job, it’s a privilege and an honor. It is a chance to give of your time and support your community. Here are a few questions every caregiver should ask.

  • Can I get paid to care for a family member? Answer: Possibly Start with your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA).
  • Are you prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for a family member?
  • How will you know when caregiving has become too much to handle?
  • Will caregiving negatively impact your relationships with immediate family members?
  • When is it time to think about other eldercare arrangements?
  • Will I be the only one caring for the senior?
  • Are there other family, community, or professional caregivers?
  • Is there a daily routine?
  • Is there a structured diet?
  • What is their current mobility level?
  • What medications are they currently taking?
  • What activities do they enjoy?
  • How can I best help?

As a caregiver, do you need support?

Start by looking for your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA).

According to Net of Care:

“Regardless of how you became a caregiver, you are about to take on a new role for which you may not feel prepared. It is normal for you to feel nervous or overwhelmed about what is expected of you. You may experience a number of mixed emotions including anxiety, anger, and sadness. At the same time, you will probably feel the desire to care for your loved one the best way you can.”

Another great resource: Family Caregiver Alliance – Caregiving 101

Taking Care of You – Caregiving has many challenges and also many rewards. But you need to honor your own needs as well as commit to caring for someone else.”

If you think you are interested in being a professional caregiver contact us for help taking that next step.

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