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“Until further notice, celebrate everything.” ― Anonymous

Start each day by celebrating life. Caregiving is about supporting life with love and respect and each day needs to be celebrated.

Caregivers often become caregivers based on the needs presented to them by a friend or family member. Professional caregivers are often drawn to the idea that they can find purpose in the work that they do and often don’t arrive at their first job with formal training. There is always the opportunity for hands-on learning, but there are also great resources available to support the work of a caregiver and improve the quality of care they provide.

For more information on Caregiving check out the Caregiver Direct website.

Here at Caregiver Direct we often refer to “Caregiving as an Art & a Science.” The science part references all the details, policies and procedures that are part of the caregiving process. Here are two resources to support your growth as a caregiver.

In the Know – Caregiver Training

A great way to start is with a small annual subscription to the online learning platform.

  • 170+ CE courses, approved in all states.
  • 20+ courses translated into Spanish (with more being added all the time).
  • Exclusive 8-hour Caregiver Certification Series.
  • A 12-Module Supervisor Success Series.
  • Courses from Caregiver’s Kitchen, Culinary Skills for Caregivers series.

Home Health Aide Handbook – by Jetta Fuzy and William Leahy

A publication now in its 4th edition and almost 300 pages of details is another way to support your learning as a caregiver.

  • Defining Home Health Services
  • Foundation of Client Care
  • Understanding Clients
  • Client Care
  • Special Clients, Special Needs
  • Home Management and Nutrition
  • Caring for Yourself

Features and Benefits: This book is a valuable tool for many reasons. It includes all the procedures you learned in your home health aide training program, plus references to abbreviations, medical terms, care guidelines for specific diseases, and an appendix where you can write down important names and phone numbers. For certified nursing assistants moving to home care, we have included information on making the transition from facilities to homes. In addition, this book contains all of the federal requirements for home health aides, so it can also be used in a basic training program.

If you think you are interested in being a caregiver contact us for help taking that next step.

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