Care Agencies Struggling with Demand

The main reason care agencies are struggling is that patient stream and revenue are coming from those who have been discharged from hospital following surgeries. In March, when hospitals stopped almost all surgeries, patient stream slowed down. While most health care companies observed that due to Covid-19 pandemic their business dip, they rely more on post-surgical care and are facing a difficult time recovering their finances.

According to Roger Strode, a partner in the Chicago office of Milwaukee-based law firm Foley and Lardner, a home care agency where the work is based on post-surgical care, episodical are caught up of halted hospital surgeries. However, this issue will be solved in the next several months. He further said that it is a matter of finances for smaller, less capitalized agencies to get from here to there.

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit, businesses plunged at the Western States Home Health Care Agency Inc. Headquartered in Westchester, the Western states serve most parts of Los Angeles, excluding the San Fernando Valley. Apart from this, the agency also provides home health visits as a follow-up to hospital procedures. These visits include changing surgical wounds, dressings, and physical therapy. Patrica Farley, a clinical director, designate for the Western States, stated that they served from services over 400 patients to serving less than just 275 patients in five weeks. She also said that they had gotten ten new patients this month, yet still, they are far from levels they saw three months ago.

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