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Bessie’s Hope – ACT NOW: Connect with isolated Seniors during Covid… “The nursing home and assisted living elders we serve in our volunteer programs are already an isolated population, and this time is even harder for them. Yes, you can make a difference.” – Bessies Hope.

Our hearts are warmed after receiving over 100 letters and emails in the first week of our Call to Action!!! There are hundreds of more assisted living and nursing home residents who could use an encouraging note or virtual hug so keep them coming! Choose from these 3 platforms:

1. You can mail letters/pictures/artwork to P.O Box 12675, Denver, CO 80212

2. Take a picture of letters/pictures/artwork and email them to

3. Bessie’s Hope Video Challenge

Our Mission

Bessie’s Hope enhances the quality of life for nursing home and assisted living elders by bringing generations together in mutually rewarding relationships that honor the human spirit and create life-enriching volunteer opportunities for youth, families, individuals, community organizations and businesses.

What are Intergenerational Programs?

Intergenerational programs are social service programs that provide opportunities for different generations to come together to share experiences, knowledge, and skills that are mutually beneficial and foster positive long-term relationships. Bessie’s Hope is a pioneer in this field and after almost 25 years is still the only organization in the nation that is bringing all segments of the community together and giving them the training, skills and resources necessary to build successful intergenerational relationships.


Bessie’s Hope (formerly Rainbow Bridge) began with a spiritual vision received by Linda Holloway, one of the co-founders. She heard a distinct voice repeating, “Bring them together, the young and the old”, and she saw what was to become the work of Bessie’s Hope. Inspired by her grandmother’s tragic nursing home experience and by the loneliness she observed in nursing homes, Linda, and co-founders, Sharron Brandrup and Marge Utne, worked to create an organization that would bring community awareness and participation into nursing homes.

Sharron and Linda began taking groups of children to visit nursing home residents in 1989. Evidence of the life-transforming benefit to both populations led to the formation of a 501c3 non-profit corporation in 1993. In the summer of 1994, Linda’s and Sharron’s original musical entitled “Rainbow Bridge, an Intergenerational Musical” was produced at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. It attracted tremendous media attention, both locally and nationally. In the fall of 1994, the Rainbow Bridge volunteer programs were officially begun.

Yes, you can make a difference. – Bessies Hope.

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